Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Growing wheat grass

Recently I have become a wheat grass freak. After hearing the uncountable number of benefits the freshly squeezed juice has, I have taken up this hubby of growing these on my trays. Initially I was following all the protocols published in the internet, but later it proved to be kind of difficult to follow with the involvement of soil, insects etc. Not to mention the dirt. So, I toyed with the idea of growing them soil less. Wheat like many other seeds have storage products that breaks down during germination of seeds to provide necessary nutrients for the seeds to sprout and grow till they start photosynthesizing. I was also looking for the wheat grass kits that are available that does not need soil. To my surprise, they were so much over priced!! I am hoping these tips will be beneficial for those who don't own a large backyard - yet want to be able to produce decent amount of grass for daily consumption.


5 shallow trays of the dimension of 2 ft tall X 1 ft wide. If that is not available, then have smaller trays that are available in any garden store. If they have no holes, just poke holes in them, so that water gets drained easily.[Fig - 1]
Spread kitchen paper or any other thicker blotting paper on the tray. Soak around 1/2 cup of wheat seeds for about 24 hours(till you see the germ tubes). Spread the pre-soaked wheat seeds on the paper evenly[Fig - 2]. Put another layer of kitchen paper on the top of the seeds without exposing any area to light[Fig - 4]. Now moisten the papers and let them drain thoroughly. Always try to keep the paper wet. In another 48 hours you will notice the upper layer of paper has been lifted a nit. this is an indication that the wheat seeds have germinated and the fine root hair is adding to the volume. After about 3-4 of sowing you can see the epicotyls(the part of the seedling upper to the root looks green. At that point you can take off the upper paper. Again continue spraying water 2-3 times a day. In about 10 days you will have wheat grass about 3-4 inch in length ready for harvest[fig - 5]. You can either juice with a manual juicer or a mixie[Fig - 6].

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